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Taxpayer resources can be hard to find online, but we’ve gathered them for you all in one spot. If you need help with your taxes or have a question you can’t find an answer to, give us a call or schedule a free consultation online today. 

Self-Employed, Gig Workers, Investors and Retirees – Estimated Tax Payment Due Dates for 2022

Since income taxes are pay-as-you-go, by law, taxes must be paid as your income is earned throughout the year. Most people have taxes withheld from their paychecks, Social Security benefit checks, their pension payments, or Unemployment benefits.

But, if you’re an Independent Contractor / Self-Employed, gig worker, business owner, investor, or retiree it will only benefit you to pay estimated tax payments each quarter. So will those who have other income that normally doesn’t have taxes withheld such as interest, dividends, rental income, capital gains, and alimony (if you were divorced before January 2019).

Paying quarterly estimated taxes can lessen any amount you would owe and possibly eliminate any penalties, especially the penalty for not making estimated tax payments! 


1st Quarter of 2022


2nd Quarter of 2022


3rd Quarter of 2022


4th Quarter of 2022

Employers – Quarterly Payroll Tax Return & State Unemployment Tax Return Due Dates for 2022

IRS Form 941 is required to be filed every quarter. Filing payroll tax returns every quarter allows employers to report any income taxes, Social Security tax, and Medicare tax that’s withheld from their employee’s paychecks. Employers only have to pay their employer portion of the Social Security and Medicare taxes. Below lists the due dates for Employer Payroll Taxes. These taxes can be e-filed and paid online through EFTPS.

The 4th quarter’s payments are always due the January of the next year. In this case, January 2023.


1st Quarter of 2022


2nd Quarter of 2022


3rd Quarter of 2022


4th Quarter of 2022

IRS Resources for Individuals and Businesses


IRS Publications

This section is dedicated to the IRS and its publications. From here, you can read IRS publications online and in HTML format.


IRS Tax Forms

This section is all for IRS tax forms. From this link, you can find IRS forms 1040, form W-4, form W-9 and more.


IRS Credits & Deductions for Individuals

This section has all the information about current tax year credits and deductions for individuals.


IRS Credits & Deductions for Businesses

This section has all the information about current tax year credits and deductions for businesses.


Taxpayer Bill of Rights

This section explains your legal rights as a taxpayer of the United States.